Know the Code

Just as people need to adhere to the Skier Responsibility Code at the ski resorts, backcountry users need to adhere to their own code. By following these simple actions you will improve experiences for all backcountry users, thereby reducing user conflicts, and helping to preserve winter access to our public lands:

Keep trails multi-use
Following these simple guidelines will improve the user experiences for everyone at our winter trailheads. Please share this with your friends!
  • Be Kind
    Smiles and waves go a long way in creating positive experiences for everyone. Those positive experiences are what Crested Butte (and winter) is all about.
  • Show Respect
    Respect all closures and private property; it’s closed for a reason. Snowmobile riders, realize that cross-country skiers are not your enemy. Cross-country skiers, realize that snowmobile riders are not your enemy. We all have a responsibility to respect each other.
  • Be Aware
    Motorized traffic should slow down and yield to non-motorized traffic. Human powered users should realize that they can hear motorized traffic sooner than motorized operators can see them and should step to the side if they are able to do so safely. Being aware of your surroundings and of other users will all but eliminate conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • Help Others
    Offer a helping hand, advice, and conversation when needed. We are a community; let’s keep an eye out for one another.