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Attention please! Your access to our public lands is under attack! Did you know that hybrid skiers and snowboarders as well as snowmobilers are battling access issues throughout the country? Winter Travel Management Plans are currently being developed in National Forests in California, Wyoming, and Montana; some of these areas could potentially loose 50 to 80% of the land they access via snowmobile and other over-snow vehicles. Fact: organizations such as the Winter Wildlands Alliance sued the National Forest, requiring them to establish Winter Travel Management Plans, without an increase in funding to help develop the plans or enforcement of them. These first Winter Travel Management Plans are especially important because they will pave the way for those in our remaining National Forests, including ours!

That’s why Share the Slate was developed. We are here to:

  • continue spreading awareness about threats to public lands access
  • keep you informed about the upcoming Winter Travel Management Plan for the Gunnison National Forest and advocate for all users
  • continue promoting shared winter access to our public lands
  • educate users about proper rules and etiquette in wintertime shared use areas

Did you know that Share the Slate helped create the Winter Layer of the CBG Trails App to help keep locals and tourists informed of our existing winter travel rules? The Winter Travel Management Plan for the Gunnison National Forest is slated to be developed in 2020. That’s just over one month away!

We have come a long way developing tools and resources to help keep you informed and we will continue to do so. But we need funds to keep our organization going and to help keep all of you informed. Please consider renewing your annual membership or donating to Share the Slate today!

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