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Articles from December 2018

Get Educated on Winter Travel Management

Share the Slate believes in education. Not only do we believe that different winter recreation users need to understand one another’s needs and desires, we also believe that all winter recreation users need to become informed about the Winter Travel Management Process.

In the GMUG (Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests), the Winter Travel Management Process is supposed to begin in 2020. Even though that may seem far into the future, the date is quickly approaching. Yet, Winter Travel Management is a relatively new process which came out of the Over Snow Vehicle Ruling which became activated in February 2015. This ruling was in response to a group called Winter Wildlands Alliance suing the National Forest, requiring National Forests to include Winter Travel Management as part of their designations.

While keeping an eye on those undergoing Winter Travel Planning, we also need to focus on how we can most positively impact our own Winter Travel Management process. In order to have the greatest impact, we all (both individuals and organizations) need to become educated on the issues and process at hand. The lecture series created as a partnership between the Gunnison National Forest and the Masters of Environmental Management Program at Western College University in Gunnison provided a great opportunity to start becoming educated on this topic. The goal of this post is to share the important information distributed at the lectures to you.