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Share the Slate needs your help!

If you have been following Share the Slate in the last couple of years, then you probably are aware that we have been trying to develop an app to use on mobile devices targeted toward winter recreation users in the Crested Butte / Gunnison area.

With the release this past spring of the CBG Trails app developed by Gunnison – Crested Butte Tourism Association, Share the Slate decided to pursue a partnership with this organization. In the last few weeks, both of our organizations have come together to start planning for a winter recreation layer to be placed on the CBG Trails app. We are excited to be working with The GCBTA and other organizations on this important project!

Partnering with the GCBTA will allow us to save valuable dollars, as the basic infrastructure for the app is already developed. We will simply be adding a winter recreation layer to their already existing trails app. However, it is the responsibility of Share the Slate to provide funding for the development of this app. Initial estimates for the development of the app suggest that it will cost around $10,000. This is why Share the Slate needs your help!

Before you donate your precious dollars, you may want to know more about the app. Your questions are likely answered below.

What will the app look like?

The app is going to be very similar an app version of this winter recreation map produced by the National Forest. Also, a basic prototype of this app can be viewed here. The app will show zones that are designated as motorized and non, what trails can be used for what purpose in winter, location of trailheads, mark winter fat biking trails, have nordic trails, and will have important boundaries like those that mark private property, Land Trust, BLM, National Forest, Wilderness, and sensitive RMBL research areas. It will also use the GPS on each mobile device so that users can pinpoint their exact location relative to the map.

Why do we need this app?

Just as in summer, our backcountry is seeing increased use in the winter. It is important to educate locals and visitors alike about land use, making it clear what zones are designated for what purposes. For example, in spring 2017, a snowmobiler crossed a sensitive Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory snow research area, ruining important data. It is likely that the snowmobiler who did this did so unknowingly. In addition, both quiet users and motorized users alike often cross into private property or Land Trust land, essentially trespassing. The app that we are developing will hopefully reduce or eliminate such breaches as winter travelers will be more educated and informed.

Other benefits of this app

This winter recreation app will have many other benefits as well. First, it will educate locals and visitors alike about what trails and zones are designated for what use which will in turn help spread out usage. This will hopefully reduce some of our more crowded trailheads as users may opt to explore alternative areas on busy days. Additionally, winter recreationalists can identify where they want to go and whether they want a mixed-use experience or a more selective experience. And last, we hope that it will minimize conflicts among winter recreationalists and hopefully help people have an overall better experience.

Collaboration among organizations

The development and implementation of this app will promote collaboration among many organizations in the valley and beyond. Aside from directly working with the GCBTA in the development process, we will also be seeking input from organizations like the Nordic Center, CBMBA, the Land Trust, RMBL, etc. to see how the app can benefit these specific groups and their associated users.

More questions?

If you have more questions regarding the development and purpose of this winter recreation app, please do not hesitate to email Share the Slate at

How can I help?

Please donate! As we said, we will need around $10,000 to develop this app. But we need to provide our developer with a deposit before he can really begin working on it. Our goal is to have $5000 by the end of March so that we can is to have this app available by late fall 2018!

Donations can be in many forms. You can donate to our GoFundMe campaign , or become a member. By becoming a member, you can enjoy more perks than just a pure donation. Our Individual Memberships start at $30 and our Family Memberships are $50. Each of these include Share the Slate stickers and t-shirts or hats as well as coupons for free ice cream or donuts at Third Bowl. Our business memberships offer an additional free link from our site and start at $100. Our most supportive business members earn Platinum status for $500, and we will work hard to promote them in return. We have other opportunities for business donations as well. Please contact us for specifics!

Thank you!

We thank everyone for your support these last couple of years and we hope that you will contribute to this important project!

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