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Paradise Cleanup a Success!

I’m a night owl. Big time. I stay up late working. So, when the rain turned to snow in the middle of the night, I took note. And I knew it wasn’t going to make the Paradise Cleanup any easier.

But, Crested Butte folks are hardy, which showed in the super turnout that we had when we all met at 10:30 am at the 4-way stop. I think there were around 70 people or so. Similar to last year’s Slate River Cleanup, we were assigned to teams to tackle different cleanup zones. Except, this year, the zones expanded to other drainages like Washington Gulch and Cement Creek.

The Washington Gulch Team for Paradise Cleanup!
The Washington Gulch Team for Paradise Cleanup!

We were the team leaders of a team that headed up to Washington Gulch. Our team of 8 started near the bottom of the switchbacks and headed back down valley from there. We removed a lot of trash like car parts, cinder blocks, mattress springs, even a bucket full of poop. We also decommissioned some unnecessary fire rings, and cleaned up the ones that remained in place.

At the end, we met for a fun BBQ and raffle where we all celebrated, in the freezing cold of course.

We brought two very full truck loads of trash to the dump just from Washington Gulch!

Here in Crested Butte, we live among some of the most beautiful mountains in the nation. It’s painful to see the land that we love get trashed, especially by some visitors who have no backcountry sense. But, at the same time, it’s rejuvenating to become stewards of our lands, and restore them to a more pristine state.

Thanks to Sue Navy from HCCA for organizing another successful cleanup day!


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