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Join Us for Paradise Cleanup!

Last year, Share the Slate was part of a valley wide joint cleanup effort which extended from the Slate River valley all the way to Paradise Divide. Organized by Sue Navy from HICCA, the event was a huge success.

Well, the cleanup effort is returning, and is also extending beyond the Slate River drainage. We’d like you to join us, and many other organizations in the Crested Butte / Gunnison Valley, for Paradise Cleanup on Saturday October 21st from 10:30 am until 3 pm.

Paradise Cleanup 2017 in Crested Butte

All you need to to is show up at the 4-Way Stop a little before 10:30 am. There, groups will be organized and assigned to different cleaning zones. At the end, there will be a free BBQ. All organizations are encouraging participants to bring their own plates, cups, and silverware for use at the BBQ in order to promote sustainability.

Why join the cleanup crew? We assume that you love visiting or living here in the Crested Butte / Gunnison Valley and that you enjoy the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds us. But that landscape needs maintenance and we all must be stewards of the beautiful surroundings where we play. Paradise Cleanup is the perfect opportunity for you to give back to the land that we all enjoy so much.

We hope to see you all there!

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