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Articles from October 2017

Paradise Cleanup a Success!

We were the team leaders of a team that headed up to Washington Gulch. Our team of 8 started near the bottom of the switchbacks and headed back down valley from there. We removed a lot of trash like car parts, cinder blocks, mattress springs, even a bucket full of poop. We also decommissioned some unnecessary fire rings, and cleaned up the ones that remained in place.

The Proposal developed by the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative

Gunnison Public Lands Initiative

Our public lands seem to be a particularly hot debate as of late. Do we increase Wilderness? Where should mountain bikers be disallowed? What areas should we make non-motorized? What public lands are “for sale”?

Over the course of a few years, the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative has been working hard to develop a comprehensive land management plan for our Forest Service lands that takes into account recreation, resource management, conservation, and ecology. The GPLI constists of ten local organizations which represent users of various interests including ranching, water resources, motorized use, conservation, mountain biking, recreation, and hunting and angling. Over the course of years, this group has met to develop a balanced and insightful use plan for Gunnison Public Lands which satisfies the needs of all user groups. They have set a model for the nation in representing all users, promoting awareness of land use, and developing a culture of compromise. By coming together to develop an insightful well-balanced proposal for sustainable growth and use of our Gunnison National Forest, the GPLI is setting a positive example for promoting shared use of our public lands.

Join Us for Paradise Cleanup!

Last year, Share the Slate was part of a valley wide joint cleanup effort which extended from the Slate River valley all the way to Paradise Divide. Organized by Sue Navy from HICCA, the event was a huge success. Well, the cleanup effort is returning, and is also extending beyond the Slate River drainage. We’d like you to join us, and many other organizations in the Crested Butte / Gunnison Valley, for Paradise Cleanup on Saturday October 21st from 10:30 am until 3 pm. All you need to to is show up at the 4-Way Stop a little before 10:30 am. There, groups will be organized and assigned to different cleaning zones. At the end, there will be a free BBQ. All organizations are encouraging participants to bring their own plates, cups, and silverware for use at the BBQ in order to promote sustainability. Why join the cleanup crew? We assume that you love visiting or living here in the Crested Butte / Gunnison Valley and that you enjoy the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds us. But that landscape needs maintenance and we all must be stewards of the beautiful surroundings where we play. Paradise Cleanup is the perfect opportunity