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Slate River Clean Up Day A Success!

The crisp morning held the odor of fall and a stiff wind funneled through the valley. But, the day was sunny and the skies were blue. About 80 people circled about outside the Crested Butte Visitors Center, mingling with smiles, ready for their volunteer day to get started.

Sue Navy led the charge, instructing us all of what to do!
Sue Navy led the charge, instructing us all of what to do!

The Slate River Cleanup day was largely organized by HICCA but was supported by a couple dozen organizations throughout the valley, including Share the Slate. Volunteers were split up into about 12 different groups, each with its own crew leader, and each group tackled a different part of the Slate River valley. Each group was to work for about four hours cleaning up trash and removing excessive fire rings in their assigned area.

Our group was small and consisted of just four of us, all from Share the Slate – Brittany Konsella, Frank Konsella, Adam Kagy, and Kristi Kagy. We were assigned the Paradise Divide area of the Slate River drainage.

Kristi & Adam Kagy working hard to clean up the Slate River Valley!

After a hard day of work, we all reconvened at the Musicians Camp which is a mile or so up the valley from the Oh-Be-Joyful turnoff. We were rewarded with BBQ goodies, beer, and a raffle.

All in all, the Slate River Drainage is looking much better, and the event was a huge success. We hope that this will become an annual event. Thanks to all who helped to organize it and participated!

Frank and Adam removing an excessive fire ring on Slate River Cleanup Day!

Now, it’s time for winter to start!

Slate River Clean Up Day A Success!
Article Name
Slate River Clean Up Day A Success!
About 80 people came out to volunteer for the Slate River Cleanup day in Crested Butte. The Crested Butte Mountain bike associate put on a very successful event!

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