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Please Contribute to Share the Slate Mapping Project!

At our meeting a little over a week ago, we unveiled our Mapping Project!

We are trying our best to gather data about users who venture into our winter trailheads and backcountry terrain, primarily on National Forest lands. We want to know who is using our winter trails, for what purpose, and how often. We intend to use this data to help make educated and informed decisions about winter travel management, especially when the Forest Service decides the winter travel management plan needs to be reviewed.

We need your data!  Submit it to the Share the Slate mapping project!
We need your data! Submit it to the Share the Slate Mapping Project!

We need unbiased data

When the Forest Service decides to revise the winter travel management plan around our valley it will be imperative to have unbiased user statistics on usage to better preserve access for all winter users. That means we would like data from all users — cross-country skiers, snow-shoers, snowmobile riders, backcountry skiers, hybrid users, fat bikers, dog sledders — what have you, we want your data!

Submit your info often and regularly

Ultimately, we’d like people to get in the habit of submitting their data often and regularly. That means we’d like you to submit your data after every time you head into the backcountry during winter. If you head out often, perhaps lump your submissions from the whole week into one sitting. Remember, submissions can be retroactive if you want them to be!

Provide feedback

If you have ideas for improving our Mapping Project or notice any glitches, please contact us!

What we’ve learned so far

We’ve been gathering submissions already. Thanks to all who are contributing! One submission, for Cement Dreek, mentioned snowmobiles driving on nordic track that Al Smith typically grooms out. Snowmobilers: please avoid doing that when Al has groomed multi-use track on Cement creek, and spread the word to others who may not know!.

Cement Creek winter multi-use trail near Crested Butte.
Cement Creek is a multi-use trail, groomed by Al Smith. Nordic skiers should stay on track to the right, and snowmobilers should stay on the left, avoiding the nordic track.

How to contribute

The Share the Slate Mapping Project can be found on The site is mobile friendly to make it easier and faster for you to submit your data!

Without you and your data, this Mapping Project will not work. If you have not already done so, please begin contributing your data as you venture into the backcountry this weekend!

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