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4 Actions you can take to support Share the Slate


Sharing is caring. That’s what Share the Slate is all about. We’re about fostering a community that thrives on multi-use winter trails and celebrates the diversity of our users. We believe that through education and awareness, various user groups can continue to coexist happily on our winter trails.

But, forces are at work against this. Groups like Silent Tracks and the Crested Butte Nordic Center seek further segregation of our trailhead use – or worse, to shut it down to specific user groups.

While Share the Slate provides a strong voice against these groups, the voices are louder with volume. We need YOU and we need your support.

Here are 4 actions you can take to support Share the Slate:

1) Stay informed – Sign up for our email updates. We’ll keep you educated about policies, notify you of upcoming meetings, and send out action alerts.

2) Donate – We need funding for start-up costs and to help us file for non-profit status and we need these immediately. Later, we’ll need funds to help us accomplish some of our goals, like better signage at trailheads. Please donate today!

3) Write a letter to the Crested Butte Town Council and Mayor Glenn Michel – At the Town Council meeting on January 19th, Silent Tracks asked the Town Council to write a letter to the National Forest asking them to speed up the re-evaluation of the winter travel management plan. We are opposed to this, for reasons explained in this post. Find out how to write a letter here.

4) Sign our petition directed to the National Forest – This petition says that you support us in NOT rushing the re-evaluation process for the winter travel management plan.

Remember, your voice is louder with volume. So, let’s come together and take these actions to make our voices loud and clear! Thanks to all of you for your support!

4 Actions You Can Take to Support Share the Slate
Article Name
4 Actions You Can Take to Support Share the Slate
Your voice is louder with volume. Make your voice loud and clear by supporting Share the Slate with these 4 actions!

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