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Washington Gulch Boundaries

We at Share the Slate believe that multiple user groups can coexist at winter trailheads. But, part of coexisting is making sure that we follow a certain etiquette. The pieces of etiquette are simple – Be Kind, Help Others, Be Aware, and Show Respect.

We ask that winter backcountry users not only respect their peers and other user groups. But, it’s also imperative to respect closures and private property. The Allen Ranch recently posted a letter in the paper to the Crested Butte Community asking winter backcountry users to respect their private property boundaries:

The map below illustrates the situation. The green area on the map is operated by the National Forest Service. The red line marked on the map highlights the areas of Washington Gulch Road that pass through private property. That means, you should not go off of the road for 1.3 miles past the trailhead (which is located just NW of the subdivision) at which time you will then pass on to Forest Service land.
Washington Gulch Map
To see the map more clearly, click to enlarge.

In order for winter access to remain open to all user groups, we must ensure that we are respecting private property. Thanks to Allen Ranch for the reminder.

Now, get out and play!

Washington Gulch Boundaries
Article Name
Washington Gulch Boundaries
In order to maintain winter backcountry access, we must respect private property. This post clarifies Washington Gulch boundaries.

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