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Join us for Joint Slate Cleanup Day!

Come and join the first-ever Joint Cleanup of the Slate River Valley! On Sunday, October 16, 2016, Share the Slate will combine efforts with twenty area nonprofits and agencies in the first-ever Joint Cleanup of the Slate River Valley. The Slate has been impacted by dispersed camping and other uses, and on this day we will band together to do our part to help the valley recover from a summer of heavy enjoyment. We’ll be collecting trash and removing extraneous fire rings, helping restore the area to a healthier state. With enough favorable factors, we could even expand to another valley.

Please Contribute to Share the Slate Mapping Project!

At our meeting a little over a week ago, we unveiled our Mapping Project! We are trying our best to gather data about users who venture into our winter trailheads and backcountry terrain, primarily on National Forest lands. We want to know who is using our winter trails, for what purpose, and how often. We intend to use this data to help make educated and informed decisions about winter travel management, especially when the Forest Service decides the winter travel management plan needs to be reviewed.

Post-meeting Actions

It’s been nearly a week since the first public meeting for Share the Slate. We thank all those who were able to attend! If you were not able to attend, we have the two PowerPoint presentations that we presented under the Resources page on our site. We first introduced ourselves, explained our mission, and what we believe. Then, we explained why we formed, to counter the movements made by the Nordic Center and Silent Tracks, and our goals to try to promote multi-use trails. After, we explained the current winter travel management plan for our area, the Gang of Nine Decision. This was followed by an explanation of how you can help Share the Slate. Last, we went over our new data collection mapping program. Which brings us now to the point…. Have YOU taken action? To take action, we ask that you do some or all of these four things: 1) Sign up for our email updates 2) Donate 3) Write a letter to the town council 4) Sign our Petition During our meeting, we also explained that we would like people to submit their user data on our map. This is our attempt to gain knowledge for who

4 Actions you can take to support Share the Slate

Sharing is caring. That’s what Share the Slate is all about. We’re about fostering a community that thrives on multi-use winter trails and celebrates the diversity of our users. We believe that through education and awareness, various user groups can continue to coexist happily on our winter trails. But, forces are at work against this. Groups like Silent Tracks and the Crested Butte Nordic Center seek further segregation of our trailhead use – or worse, to shut it down to specific user groups. While Share the Slate provides a strong voice against these groups, the voices are louder with volume. We need YOU and we need your support. Here are 4 actions you can take to support Share the Slate: 1) Stay informed – Sign up for our email updates. We’ll keep you educated about policies, notify you of upcoming meetings, and send out action alerts. 2) Donate – We need funding for start-up costs and to help us file for non-profit status and we need these immediately. Later, we’ll need funds to help us accomplish some of our goals, like better signage at trailheads. Please donate today! 3) Write a letter to the Crested Butte Town Council and Mayor

Results of Crested Butte Town Council Meeting

On Tuesday January 19th, the Crested Butte Town Council had a meeting about winter trailheads. At that meeting, many groups presented regarding winter travel. Of most importance to us, Silent Tracks made a presentation to the Town Council. They introduced who they were and specifically asked the council to write a letter to the National Forest asking them to speed up the re-evaluation of the existing winter travel management plan. Public comment was at first not allowed. But, due to the number of people present at the meeting and after a few remarks by Crested Butte local Mike Arbany, Mayor Glen Michel granted public comments, provided they were directed to the actual town council. A summary of the comments that ensued and the overall discussions are recapped in the Crested Butte News and the Gunnison Country Times. We at Share the Slate believe that the time has not yet come to discuss the winter travel management plan and that the current plan is working. We believe that any conflicts that supposedly exist can be resolved through education and awareness. We made these points clear during the town council meeting and these sentiments were echoed by much of the public. After

Public Meeting Wed. Feb 3rd

Snow is falling all around us and the stoke level is high! But, Share the Slate needs you now more than ever. We need you to keep on pushing and helping us to preserve your access to our public lands in winter for all users. We need you to come to our public meeting! Share the Slate will be meeting at the Brick Oven at 5 pm on Wednesday February 3rd. We’ll have a presentation and opportunities for you to ask questions and give comments. While we’re at it, enjoy Happy Hour drink specials! Can’t wait to see all of you there!

Upcoming Public Meeting

Share the Slate Public Meeting

Find out more about who we are and what we can do for you! Find out how we intend to help preserve access to our winter trailheads for all users! Come to the Brick Oven at 5 pm on Wednesday February 3rd for our first public meeting. We’ll have a presentation and a Q & A session to follow. While you’re at it, enjoy Happy Hour Share the Slate drink specials too! Hope to see you all there! – Share the Slate