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Trailhead Awareness Day & Cement Creek Winter Trails Fundraiser

If you’re reading this post, then chances are you’re an avid user of the trails in the Crested Butte area. Here’s some events that are happening this week relating to those trails that you love! Trailhead Awareness Day Last Saturday, we held our first Trailhead Awareness Day in conjunction with SnoTrackers at Kebler Pass trailhead. We talked to passersby about the importance of multi-use areas, the need to be respectful of other users, and how user conflict can be reduced. Those that talked to us were offered hot chocolate and Third Bowl donuts in exchange! We also raised money for both groups in donations and memberships. This coming Saturday March 4th, we will be doing a similar Trailhead Awareness Day. But, this time, it will be held at Gothic / Snodgrass Trailhead in conjunction with CBMBA. We will continue to offer hot chocolate and donuts for those willing to chat about our cause. We hope to see all of you there! Cement Creek Winter Trails Fundraiser CBMBA has taken on a lot this winter. Their first success was when the Forest Service awarded them with a permit to groom certain proposed areas for fat-bikers and other users. The second, is

2017 Annual Public Meeting a Success!

Our 2017 Annual Public Meeting was held last Wednesday at the Brick Oven! It was a great success and thanks to ALL who attended! Our meeting featured the following presentations: A review of our mission & beliefs and re-cap of the Gang of 9 Decision. An overview of the state of our public lands, the potential threat to sell them off, and our commitment to keep you informed so that we can have our say in public lands that are most important to us. Reminders of parking quirks at Slate River Winter trailhead, and an overview of Washington Gulch private land, closures, & necessary motorized permit. Unveiled our plans for a mobile app that syncs with your phone’s GPS so you know designated land use areas an closures Overview of our accomplishments and future goals.

Share the Slate Annual Public Meeting February 22nd!

Share the Slate Annual Meeting 2017

Although it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, Share the Slate has been up to a lot of things! We are now an official 505(c)(3) non-profit organization. So, your donations are tax-deductible. Please consider making a donation today! Next week we will be having our annual public meeting at the Brick Oven on Wed. Feb. 22nd from 4 to 6 pm. Our event will include a fundraising raffle, with lots of great stuff from the local Crested Butte community and beyond. We will also be unveiling our Membership options. On top of our fundraising efforts, we will be continuing to educate our community. Focus topics of our event include: Background of who we are and what we’re about What we’ve been working on in the last year – Current projects and status with the Forest Service on Winter Travel Management Highlights on current public lands issues and what’s going on with the current administration Winter trail etiquette Our short-term and long term Goals Future Events – upcoming trailhead awareness days on February 25th and March 4th Updates about our Google Earth site and data collection We hope to see you at the Share the Slate Annual Public Meeting, Wed

Support for CBMBA’s Winter Grooming Proposal

It was mid-January and Crested Butte was in the midst of a dry spell. Snow had not fallen for at least a couple of weeks and although snow was bountiful, the quality of it was lacking. But, the skis were blue, the morning was crisp, and the snow sparkled invitingly. So, I headed out to Gothic Road to enjoy cross-country skiing with my family who was visiting from Ohio. We found the trail to be in very poor shape, with deep grooves from cross-country ski travel, crossed over by footprints from walkers, another track crossing over both of those from fat-bikers. This multi-use trail was beat up. And I wondered, why don’t we see grooming here? It would create a better user experience for everyone! Improvement of user experience in heavily traveled shared use areas such as the Gothic corridor is one of the main reasons why we support the recent winter grooming proposal of the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA). The proposal is aimed toward increasing trail access for fat bikers, but much of the proposal can improve experiences for all winter user groups.

Slate River Clean Up Day A Success!

The crisp morning held the odor of fall and a stiff wind funneled through the valley. But, the day was sunny and the skies were blue. About 80 people circled about outside the Crested Butte Visitors Center, mingling with smiles, ready for their volunteer day to get started. The Slate River Cleanup day was largely organized by HICCA but was supported by a couple dozen organizations throughout the valley, including Share the Slate. Volunteers were split up into about 12 different groups, each with its own crew leader, and each group tackled a different part of the Slate River valley. Each group was to work for about four hours cleaning up trash and removing excessive fire rings in their assigned area. Our group was small and consisted of just four of us, all from Share the Slate – Brittany Konsella, Frank Konsella, Adam Kagy, and Kristi Kagy. We were assigned the Paradise Divide area of the Slate River drainage. After a hard day of work, we all reconvened at the Musicians Camp which is a mile or so up the valley from the Oh-Be-Joyful turnoff. We were rewarded with BBQ goodies, beer, and a raffle. All in all, the Slate

Join us for Joint Slate Cleanup Day!

Come and join the first-ever Joint Cleanup of the Slate River Valley! On Sunday, October 16, 2016, Share the Slate will combine efforts with twenty area nonprofits and agencies in the first-ever Joint Cleanup of the Slate River Valley. The Slate has been impacted by dispersed camping and other uses, and on this day we will band together to do our part to help the valley recover from a summer of heavy enjoyment. We’ll be collecting trash and removing extraneous fire rings, helping restore the area to a healthier state. With enough favorable factors, we could even expand to another valley.

Please Contribute to Share the Slate Mapping Project!

At our meeting a little over a week ago, we unveiled our Mapping Project! We are trying our best to gather data about users who venture into our winter trailheads and backcountry terrain, primarily on National Forest lands. We want to know who is using our winter trails, for what purpose, and how often. We intend to use this data to help make educated and informed decisions about winter travel management, especially when the Forest Service decides the winter travel management plan needs to be reviewed.