What Can You Do?

Crested Butte backcountry skiing
At Share the Slate, we enjoy the eclectic blend of multi-use areas and believe that we can continue sharing winter access to our drainages with all user groups. We promote a culture of sharing and believe we can coexist with balanced use.

Actions you can take to preserve balanced use of our winter travel areas include:

  • *Remain united - Do not let a special interest group divide us. Our community is stronger when united, and that any conflicts are best resolved through education, compassion, and discussion. As a community, we can maintain balanced winter access for all users to our National Forest.
  • *Be informed - Check out the resources and documentation we have on this site to better understand the situation.
  • *Join us - Subscribe to email updates, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay even more informed and find out about public meeting times!
  • *Know the Code - Be kind, show respect, be aware, and help others -- simple rules to help improve experiences for all backcountry users. Find out more about the code!