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Let’s Relieve the Tension

Keep trails multi-use

The sky was blue bird. The sun cast its rays across the mountains and the snow smiled back – each grain like a diamond. I didn’t have the time or partners to break out the sled for a backcountry ski tour. But, the glorious day demanded some playtime. So, I gathered my things for a short cross-country ski. I went to my old favorite – Washington Gulch Road, a multi-use trail. On this mid-week day, I saw cross-country skiers, backcountry skiers, hybrid users, and snowmobile riders alike heading out. I parked at the trailhead and began getting ready. I tried to talk to the snowmobile users who were also there, but they seemed to turn away. They went on their way, and I went on mine. Mid-way through my ski, I heard the sound of a snowmobile approaching. I carefully stepped off to one side of the trail, knowing that the rider would not be able to see me until she was closer, despite the fact that I could hear her from far away. I smiled and waved, and the solo snowmobiler waved back. Just a few minutes later, I heard two more engines. Again, I stepped off to the

Who Grooms the Kebler Pass Road?

Gunnison County Snotrackers

Do you know who is in charge of grooming the Kebler Pass and Ohio Pass roads that we all use so much in winter? The Gunnison County Sno Trackers have taken responsibility to maintain these trails as well as educate people on how to keep trails as multi-use. We are proud to support the Gunnison County Sno Trackers in their efforts to maintain their existing trails and looking forward to working with them to develop strategies to ensure trails can continue to be multi-use, with everyone enjoying a positive outdoor experience. To find out more, visit the Gunnison County Sno Trackers website or come to their membership drive at the Power Stop in Gunnison beginning at 6 pm this Thursday, Nov. 19th. If you can’t make it, then you can become a member by filling out this online form. Thanks to all who support multi-use winter trails in the Gunnison Valley! Remember to use #sharetheslate #sharethevalley on social media!

Welcome to Share the Slate!

We’re glad you found us! Located in Gunnison Valley, Share the Slate believes in preserving the winter access of our drainages for all users. We also believe that all users can peacefully coexist in multi-use areas. We strive to improve communication and dialogue between user groups. Most of all, we believe the public land should remain public. We will be announcing a time and place for a public meeting soon. For now, please make sure to stay informed by subscribing to our email list!